Priyanka Kogta

Hokie Graduate in Computer Science

About Me

My Background

I am a recent graduate from Virginia Tech studying Computer Science. I am interested in software and web development, as well as test automation. I want to be able to help shape the world into a better place, and continue to be amazed by how the few lines of code that I write make such a positive change.

Things I Love

I enjoy reading and coding, along with learning to cook in new cuisines. I also enjoy sunsets very much and will go out of my way to catch a good one!


Projects from various classes, and my own.

GIS System

GIS System

This program, created in Java, had to import new GIS records into the database file, retrieve data for all GIS records matching given geographic coordinates, retrieve data for all GIS records matching a given feature name and state, and retrieve data for all GIS records that fall within a given (rectangular) geographic region. (The project link below is in a private repo; please contact me to view my source code.)

Music Preference Visualization

Music Preference Visualization

Written in Java, this project was where a GUI program was created that visualized the music survey data that was collected from students in multiple sections of CS 2114 (Software Design and Data Structures) based on their major, region, and hobby. The purpose of this program is to let users view data from different perspectives of the collected information, such as by sorting music based on information on both the artists and the students. A data file was parsed that had data containing students and their music preferences. Arrays, iterators, and linked lists were used to sort through a list of songs based on the title, artist, genre, and release year.

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